Dial Complete Antibacterial Deodorant White Bar Soap, 12 Count

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Take your shower time to the next level! Dial Complete(R) Antibacterial Deodorant White Bar Soap provides robust odor protection and leaves behind its own clean scent and soft, nourished skin. From the #1 doctor-recommended antibacterial hand soap brand, this clean-rinsing and hydrating formula provides the perfect balance of clean and moisturized and won't dry out your skin. Plus, this soap is free from parabens and silicones. Trusted antibacterial deodorant protection technology kills odor-causing bacteria long after you wash, and leaves you with round-the-clock odor protection. When it comes to moisturizing and cleansing, it's time to Dial(R) up the protection!

12-ct. Pack of 4-oz. Antibacterial Deodorant White Bar Soap