Soo'Ae Revive Gold Sleeping Mask, Intensive Nourishing & Brightening Face Mask

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Soo'AE's Revive Gold Sleeping Mask helps to restore radiance, moisturize, and brightens skin overnight! Formulated with nourishing ingredients for synergistic benefits, including anti-inflammatory, moisture retention, pore tightening, improve elasticity, antioxidant: Skullcap Root, Phellodendron Amurense Bark, Scrophularia Buergeriana, Tiger Lily, Nelumbium Speciosum, and Chamomile extracts.

  • Overnight Revitalizing mask - Night time skin recovery process! This sleeping mask for night time repairs and revitalizes your skin while you’re asleep. Skin Loving ingredients such as Gold, Niacinamide, Antioxidant herb blends, and soothing herb extracts hydrates and nourishes skin and brings back glow onto the skin. It is great for improving dullness and uneven skin tone, as well as supporting better barrier function.
  • 24K Gold + Nourishing Botanical Blends. Gold meets a nourishing botanical blend to nourish the complexion and restore vitality overnight for Bright, Radiant-looking skin
Quantity: 6 Face Masks
Quantity: 6 Face Masks