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Summer's Eve Spa Fragrance Free Daily Intimate Women's Post Shave Hydrating Skin Serum 1 oz

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Experience Daily Intimate Beauty with Summer's Eve Spa Intimate Serum. Summer's Eve Spa Luxurious Skin Serum was created for your most delicate intimate areas to comfortably hydrate, smooth, and soften. Specifically designed to soothe delicate, freshly shaven or waxed intimate skin. The serum is infused with vitamin E, coconut oil and aloe. Ideal to use after showering, after grooming and during your nighttime skincare routine. The skincare serum is hypoallergenic, free from dyes, parabens and fragrances. pH-balanced, the skin serum is safe and gentle enough to use every day. 9/10 women say the serum soothed skin post shave. Elevate your intimate care and post shave routine with our Spa Serum -- specially designed to hydrate, smooth, and soften delicate intimate skin after showering.